hen you ask a model railroad enthusiast what their best childhood memories are, chances are they'll say playing with their Lionel trains at Christmas time. A lot of people, no matter what scale they are into now, started out with O Gauge. I remember being fairly young and asking my dad to put up his Lionel trains around the Christmas tree. We always ran the Lackawanna FM Trainmaster he'd had since he was a kid. Of course we had the operating milk car, stock car, and log car all set up as well. We'd spend hours watching that train fly around the traditional family fire hazard. What a great time!

I've branched out into other scales over the years since then. I have a small HO collection and more recently, aquired quite a collection of large scale trains. Despite my broadening interests, I still find myself asking Dad to pull out his old Lionel and American Flyer trains when I'm over at his place. There's just something about those trains that makes me want to run them.

Why did I start OGaugeTrains.com you ask? A little over 12 years ago, I was looking for information on the internet about my hobby. What I found, or rather didn't find amazed me. Of all my hobbies and interests, trains had a relatively small presence on the web. I saw the need for a web site where model railroad enthusiasts could meet each other online and share ideas, express opinions, and find more information about their hobby without having to go to a million different personal web sites and sort through all the irrelevant garbage. Sure there are a few train related sites out there, but information is unorganized, hard to find, and not necessarily the best quality. My goal was to change all that.

Shad Pulley
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